Small Things

Dancing with Karma

I have been doing a lot of guidance work around a structure that the SpiritBones has taught me about karma, at least my understanding of it. It has brought the idea closer and made it simpler. In an attempt to definie it clearly and simply: Karma is energy. It is neither good nor bad. How we engage the energy determines how that energy engages and surrounds us. It’s not the shit we did when we were X years old, or the mosquito we swatted last week. It is the way we choose to carry the energy or let it go, NOW.

This understanding has been really freeing in so many ways. We can shift our experience instantly if we alter the way we hold what we experience and the story we imbue it with. It is incredibly empowering to realize that we have that power. It’s not like some mistake we made years ago has to haunt us ~ unless of course we give it that power.

The Bones call us to face forward. The past is just that. Nota thing we can do bout it. But we can sculpt our future if we engage the present passionately, and know clearly who we are and what we have come to give to the world. Then everything starts lining up in an exquisite dance.  The reality of karma is that we sculpt our life no matter what.

The dance sometimes is more of a stumble. As we image our circumstances we shape them. When we operate from a place of scarcity, with the assumption that there is not enough of what we need to go around, we at times try to exert control over our conditions that sometimes distorts the karma surrounding them. We have all been there in some circumstance in our life, trying to bend the truth to force our selves into some situation that doesn’t quite fit. A little voice inside tells us that we should not invest in this little lie. If we ignore that little voice, we paradoxically become attached to it. We have to keep engaging that sticky energy because we don’t know how to shake it, we have to maintain the myth. It is like walking with lead weights around our soul. We can do it, but it slows us down and holds our attention ~ even subconsciously. So we begin to self-sabotage to try to compensate for that energy. But that just distances us more from our true dream and entwines us deeper with the karmic stickiness. It runs us down, we feel depressed, and often we don’t know why. So we try to address the depression externally, we drink, we prozac, we shop, to make our selves feel better. But each additional strategy further distances us from our soul’s desire. The cycle is set.

So how do we move beyond that trap? We run the Bones. Level 0: We get in touch with our vision/our dream. Level 1: We begin to tell ourselves the truth of how our choices are impacting our dream. Level 2: We share our truth with others and accept the new karma that rolls out from that. It may mean leaving or even loosing that job. At first glance this might seem like “bad karma”. But it is actually the movement, the hand of the universe aligning us with our true purpose. This is Level 3, the gift that is born out of all truthful relationship. Level 4: We start to build structures, based in truth and transparency, that can support us moving towards our dream. Level 5: We begin to manifest those dreams in the world, and our karma is lightened by the act of being true to our purpose. We also build momentum actualization our true path. Level 6: A community of mutual support begins to form around our vision. The community receives the gifts we came to bring, and we are supported by the community to bring those gifts. We become free of the doubt that initially set the negative spiral in place, and it inverts to a positive, supportive spiral. And Level 7, the new 0, allows us to reflect on our capacity to shape karma, and the energy supporting us lifts our vision to a new place.

The challenge is that it is difficult to even see we are in this spiral. This is where loving guidance is helpful ~ working with someone who can see the patterns of our lives through the telling of our story and opening to the truth or our little choices. This is the gift of the Bones. There are many individuals from many practices that can help with this reflective awareness. If you are interested in the SpiritBones structure to support you through this work, Let Us Know!

Raising Your Dollars’ Values

Many of us have just dumped a load of cash (and credit) on gifts for those we value. But we don’t often think of the dollars we spend in terms of the values they represent. If you want one clear snapshot of your values, follow your dollars. This is as true for individuals as businesses and governments.

Money is simply energy. It is just as critical to be conscious of what energy your dollars are moving in the world as it is your attitude, your work, your relationships. The bones ask us to Zero In on the our core values. Who are we? What drives our decision-making? What fingerprint do we want to leave upon the world – Each Day? Take a minute to answer these three questions, as honestly as you can. Then take a look at your bank statement, and ask how it reflects these values. If you hold your self to be a giving person, how much of your budget is given? If your love of music is central to your life, how much do you support those who create the music you listen to? If you want to tread lightly on the planet, does your financial investment in the planet’s health reflect this? If you believe in justice and fairness, are you willing to spend more dollars on a gift to ensure that you know the workers were not abused in its production?

If you are like most of us in the western world, you haven’t given this much thought. You can now either start to feel guilty for what you haven’t done (not a very useful application of energy) or you can get started aligning your use of dollars with your values. If you are not sure where and how the product you are about to purchase (or not) was produced ~ ASK. Asking is a powerful way to raise the impact of your spending. If enough of us ask, the buyers will take note. Where we choose not to spend is as much, or more of a reflection of our values as where we do.

To what ever degree you engage this practice of values spending, you will create change. You will also notice over time as you do this more and more, you feel more of a participant in your life, and your days will grow increasingly rich. As you raise the values of your dollars, you will raise the value of each day.

Subjective Support



The western world has this obsession with the myth of objectivity, as if there as any such thing as an objective viewpoint. In a 1998 study, researchers at the Weizmann Institute of Science conducted a highly controlled experiment demonstrating how even a beam of electrons is affected by the act of being observed. They proved that the greater the amount of “watching” takes place, the greater the level of influence on what is being watched. That means that even inanimate objects are effected by the presence of others. That’s deep, huh?

So when we go to individuals for support or guidance in the hope they can offer us an “objective perspective”, an oxymoron, what are we actually asking? Are we asking not to be moved by others? Are we actually asking that they cease to exist? Are we asking to stay stuck where we are because we fear change? SpiritBone Catalytic Guidance is a partnership, one in which it requires the guide to be fully subjective ~ to be who s/he is in order to enter a mutual moving ~ a dance. It is through this dance that the supportive relationship emerges in which both partners evolve and free up to be more of who they are. It is dependent upon what was proven at the Weizmann Institute. It assumes that we are interconnected to such a degree that your existence literally changes me. Even if we do not know each other.

In South Africa, the Zulu people have an understanding which is called UBUNTU. There is no English translation for this word. There is a reason that our Western ideology does not have this word. It is dependent upon the negation of this truth to sustain itself. But it is also the same myth that allows us to have the word “objective”. UBUNTU, as close as I have been able to process it through my Western training, means we are responsible for eachother’s wellbeing. Maybe even, we are eachother. Now, as I type the words “wellbeing” and “eachother” as singular words, my spellchecker underlines them in red, reminding me that those ideals should be broken apart and isolated from each other. The true revolution is to sit with the judgement of this individualistic, objectified culture and continue to know that they belong together, with every cell in ourbeing.

What if the truth is that the doctor is being healed by the patient, and the therapist is being healed by the individual on the couch? We actually know that somewhere in our souls ~ both as practitioner and patient ~ that the benefits of the interaction often weigh on the side of those in the healer role. It is actually the relationship that creates the healing. If we deny that truth to maintain our power over others in an imbalanced, patriarchal relationship, are we not doing more harm than good?

I have a close friend who was just diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. He was told very concretely by folk in white coats about his future on the planet. He jokingly said to me, “I told them, ‘You can’t talk to me that way!’, and I hit them!” But he is right ~ who the hell are they to pretend objectively that they can tell him anything in such a detached way as if something is happening to him and not US?

What if the whole premise of our individuality is simply wrong?

I am not a doctor, I simply sit with folk who want to work in a collaborative way to emerge what is going on with, around, and between US, from the premise that we are connected like the electrons are connected to the observers. And that by our sitting together ~ exploring what is emerging in our collective reality, we can help eachother to understand our next moves ~ on behalf of eachother and the whole of humanity ~ The Big Family. My friend’s sister partners in the SpiritBone work with me. She said at our last session that she breaths healing into her brother’s cells. I know for certain she can do this ~ as can I. So I am joining her in that process. So can you, without even knowing him, you can breath wellbeing into his cells, because we are all connected. So I invite you into this very subjective work of supporting eachother. I invite you to breath wellbeing into my/your brother’s cells. And let us together be very subjective observers of the powerful influence WE have!

For more information: SpiritBone Catalytic Guidance

Little acts that changed your life!

I recently attended TEDx Mid-Atlantic. One of the speakers, Bob Duggan co-founder of the Tai Sophia Institute, spoke of loosing his mother as a young child. It is hard for me to imagine this moment in a young child’s life, but it is not hard to imagine the response of those surrounding the boy in this death-denying culture in which we find ourselves. The words, though coming from the best of intentions, undoubtedly reinforced his experience of loss. He spoke of a doctor offering a very different view of the experience, one that shifted his relationship to this experience and probably the trajectory of his life. The insightful man said how lucky he was that his mother was now at the hand of GOD, and could protect him where every he was. This little act was profoundly powerful and continues to educate through the ripples it still sends across the Unisphere.

Doors to Self Perception ~ Ray's Results

This got me thinking of a sentence that changed my life. I was not the student all of my grade school teachers wanted me to be ~ to say the least. I had the fortunate “accident” of landing for college at the Maryland Institute College of Art which is where TEDx happened to take place exactly 30 years later. My first semester passed with similar pattern of non-performance resulting in a 2.0 GPA. Then, enter Ray Allen, a teacher that lit my imagination and passion for creating like no other since my kindergarten steward Grace Land. I hit each assignment with the delight of a 5-year-old in mud. At one point, mid-second semester he said, “You are responsible, I have a project I would like you to do for me.” I panned the room looking for who he must be talking to. There was no one else there. I had never heard any words resembling those from an authority figure in my life. I realized for the first time that my performance and my capacity were not the same thing, and that it was I who was “responsible” and able to bring them together. From that moment on my engagement in my work and my education lifted. But more powerfully, my image of my self was changed forever.

Many of us have moments like this that have shaped and shifted our lives. If you have such a story you wish to share, post it below and let us know the little acts that changed your life.