Grandmother Rose and the Little Button

The latest release from Collective Cry Productions.

Grandmother Rose and the Little Button traces the final day of a beloved member of a village who longs to leave a gift to those who have given her life meaning. Rose lost both her unborn child and her husband. Now, facing her own passage, finds the power through the loss to bring a blessing to all who are experiencing loss.

In this film debut from writer Brigitte Manekin, Producer and Director Paulo Gregory brings this timeless story to life. Actress, dancer and storyteller Maria Broom (The Wire, Clara’s Heart) offers a captivating vocal and dance-like performance that literally draws the viewer in to a world that feels more like an internal soul experience than crafted storytelling.

Extraordinary cinematography from veteran Dennis Boni and Ryan Romkema, combine seamlessly with a stunning musical score from Polish-born, Principal Cellist of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, Dariusz Skoraczewski, and South African collaborators, Gito Baloi, Dave Reynolds, Chris Tokalon, help this film transport the audience to a place of deep contemplation of arguably the most significant moment in each of our lives.

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