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2econd N8ture WCL 1 med

Paulo Gregory with Second N8ture at World Cafe Live, Philly

When we take in something to the degree that it becomes us, that is the 2econd N8ture experience. The Movement “to innate” 2N8. I have been blessed to be surrounded by music all of my life. My mother, Barbara Claire Cowan Harris, is a violinist and a pianist, my father, Donald Grayson Harris, was a tenor, my older brother, Mark Stratton Harris, was an extraordinary drummer and bassist who played with the likes of Kevin Eubanks and Tommy Campbell, and is now returning to music as a Guitarist, my aunt, Elaine Hope Kelly, is a Julliard trained concert pianist and was a long~time music Professor at Morgan State University. Though never trained, I just loved to play ~ anything.

It wasn’t until about 10 years ago that I seriously picked up the guitar again, and began to write and perform. I began first at open mics in town, then hosting others on the same stages. More recently I have had the blessing of working with some of the region’s most talented artists including Marc Evans, Vattel Cherry, Ryan Tucker, Chuck the Madd Ox, Mosiah Saleem, Curtis Gorham, the Miles Brothers, the list goes on, who have shown me the beauty of when the magic called music moves To Innate (2n8) expression, in other words becomes 2econd N8ture.

This is what we call the “Band” ~ we are more like a Band of Gypsies, that rotate in and out of the musical experience, than a singular group. This keeps the music changing and evolving, and provides a unique experience as blend different styles and approaches with each performance. As is true in experiences with nature, you never have the same experience twice. Our music has a reportorial core of original works and “B Side” covers ranging from Marvin Gaye to Peter Gabriel. We are about speaking about truth, justice and spreading the understanding that the experience called life is a shared experience, and as Stevie Wonder say music is “a language we all understand”. Each performance, each song, is at least half an invention of the moment based upon the musicians, the audience and the space and time. What emerges will definitely keep your body and soul moving and your foot tappin, as you recognize the songs you have not heard, and find something new in those you have.

2econd N8ture at The Point

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2econd N8ture at the finals of World Cafe Live, Best of Philly Rising

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Paulo Gregory solo at Hightops in B’More

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