Paulo Speaks

Paulo’s Firestarter Keynote for the Kauffman Foundations inaugural EShip Summit, 2017

EShip Summit Paulo Meme

Paulo Gregory has been a keynote speaker, facilitator and lecturer for 25 years. He brings challenging content to life through humor and passion, and paints images through story and metaphor so that even the most difficult to understand concepts become accessible and alive. Paulo pushes audiences to explore their own conventions ~ to reach for each of our unique gifts. His words lift our awareness of ourselves and others so that we leave inspired and feeling a greater capacity to live out the meaning in our lives, and in community with others.

Paulo’s speaking addresses personal and community evolution, culture, gender, race, creativity, team performance, and bending time and space. Paulo never delivers the content in the same way twice. He is by nature a Jazz performer, and draws on the moment and linguistic improvisation to connect with the audience so that they co-create the experience.

Paulo has delivered addresses to the National Bar Association, the National Legal Aid and Defenders Association, American Institute of Architects, the American Institute of Graphic Arts, the Corporation for National and Community Services and many other associations, colleges, and businesses. Paulo has presented to groups from 25 to 2500.

Paulo Gregory Speaking at Stoop Storytelling: “UNION AVENUE”
live from Baltimore’s Center Stage, February 22, 2010


For information on booking, contact Paulo at 443.794.1688

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