Paulo B&W

Here is what Paulo has to offer:

  • Product Design & Development
  • Cohado Guidance  (Commonly referred to as “coaching”)
  • Cohado Team Development Workshops and Consulting
  • Business Strategic Design Consulting
  • Community Design & Development Support
  • Cohado Educational & Instructional Design


Open Letter from Paulo

None of what was created within these pages was created alone. The works that came off of my hands, were born of the love and support from my parents, my brother, and the wide circle of amazing teachers that have touched my life. The principles underlying this work were passed on through generations of genetic genius of an indigenous people none of us will ever meet. The projects were all done with amazing support from countless individuals representing every place in society from those confined to the streets on bitter nights, to presidents and kings, inspiring communities and enterprises that didn’t forget what it means to make something with your hands, brilliant organizations lifting up those who society forgot, and a handful of adventurous and visionary funding organizations – not many. But the significant lack of resources that are available to support this kind of work mirror of the problem. We have too long viewed ourselves as isolated and disconnected individuals with insatiable needs. We have not learned the ancient idea of ENOUGH. When we do, the world will flourish.

Every community from the beginning of time has shared a well to survive. Even the largest cities in the world have a network of wells – or reservoirs that support their very existence. There too, is a well of financial, tangible, experiential, connectional, relational resources that exist within every community. Imagine if the water in the well was only given to a small percentage of the population. In other words, imagine if the well ran dry because it was not taken care of. The entire community would perish, even those with access to the water. We need each other. Because there are, in a well culture, contributions from every member of society, that are as vital as all the aspects of water.

It is time to pool the these resources, and remember that we are all from one fabric that is the planet, within this solar system, within this galaxy within this quadrant of the universe. Science tells us through the most elegant 4 symbols in the world, that E=MC2 that if you dip down to the subatomic level, it is impossible to distinguish where you or I end, and the air between us, or the table begins or ends. Everything is Connected – its all ONE.

And as in the game Cohado, we have only our pieces, the pieces we were born with, and acquire from life – our specific life, to offer to the community to create abundance. The rest, and even these, comes from someone, or someones, or somewhere else. That’s why we’re all here – to imagine, invent, design, develop, deliver the best we can muster with what we have – collectively.

So let us squad up!


One comment

  1. Wow. A lot of food for thought–my brain is fatter, thank you. I felt like I was sitting down and talking with you even though I was reading or watching your video. Getting it is a great great thing.
    love to you always,
    Kim from bridge

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