Works In Design for Others

The Button of Compassion

Button Image with Effects

Grandmother Rose and the Little Button

“Some time ago, when the bench design first hit paper, I shared the design of the Community Bench to the son of Brigitte Manekin. He told me that his mother had a similar idea. That like the bench symbolized building community, his mother had imagined a little gray button that symbolized the powerful idea that we all will pass – and that we all will share the grief of other’s passages, and we will all need support in various forms for this unifying reality.”

Paulo took on the design and production responsibility for the physical Button of Compassion, and for the production of the film that Brigitte wrote, Maria Broom performed in, Dariusz Skoraczewski wrote the cello score, African Moods provided the musical foundation with musical direction, film score arrangement, editing and direction from Paulo Gregory. The film was shot and DP’d by Boni Productions, and a host of other contributors supported the production.

Boni Productions Website: Click to Launch Site – Created with Monstrous Little Voice

This site was developed for one of the world’s finest cinematographers, directors of photography, steadicam operators…. Dennis Boni. Paulo Gregory did the artistic direction and site specification for the project.

Tommy Campbell’s Site


This site was developed for world renowned drummer, Tommy Campbell. Tommy recently relocated back to the Statesafter 13 years in Japan, back to the States and needed a platform to communicate with his audiences. This site was developed by Paulo using WordPress platform, as was this site.

Pure Yoga Wall

Pure Yoga Wall Under Construction: ~ 2008

Pure Yoga Wall Installed

Gutierrez Studios commissioned Paulo to produce an 8′ by 30′ sectional wall. All of the sections were hand bent out of green saplings provided by Glen Gutierrez of European Landscapes and Design, and were self-supporting from the tension created in the weaving process of each “ladder”. The Wall was installed at Pure Yoga, East, at 203 E. 86th St, in Manhattan.

Altarum KTTA Logic Model

The KTTA subdivision of Altarum, a training and technical assistance survive provider for largely health-related services including substance recovery systems, needed a way to quickly communicate their role to internal and external stakeholders. This graphic was developed by Paulo Gregory to support that goal.

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