The Artivist

Paulo in Paint


People regularly ask what I do, as I am sure they do you. I always hesitate. They look at me like, “Go on…” Not sure how to answer, I say something different – not untrue – every time. I feel like 7 people pushed into one skin. This isn’t exactly a problem. Sometimes its a little crowded in here. But it is a bit rough on folk who want things in a single neat package… sorry ~ well, not really. I have realized that most of the operating system of the spreading western world is exactly the inverse of what makes sense to me. Like for example, I have been labeled Dyslexic and ADD… “they” call those disabilities. They are SuperPowers. Actually most of what is labeled disabilities are SuperPowers. Dyslexia is really a highly developed right brain which is capable of seeing patterns in just about everything. We rearrange what we see in to what makes sense to our sense. Don’t envy I have SuperPowers ~ We All Do! Its just that most of us overidentify with “normal”because we are afraid not to conform – that our difference is bad. That’s a shame, because it is our unique Soulprint that gives us reason for being, not our ability to conform. After all, if we are the same as everyone else, why do we need me? That’s scary.

There is a fundamental ideal that hit me like a revelation about 7 years ago – Cohado – the awareness of the interconnectedness of the universe, and that we are here to re-veave that web. I was told Cohado is an old Zulu word that translates to mean the long sustainable view. Cohado is the lens that helps me to see the patterns that reveal this connectedness. Since all this stuff is connected, little shifts ~ if they have integrity ~ have the power to shift the whole thing. In other words, we each can make a profound difference – just by being who we are.

I am all about helping as many folk as I can to fully express their brilliance, gifts, and unique perspective – in support of a whole that works for all of us – what Martin called “Beloved Community”. Then, if we all squad up, we will have the diversity of experience, skill, talent, insight, and resources to achieve anything. Within these pages you will see woven the threads of this idea, and the ways in which I try to support the movement of this world. I also know that we collectively hold the resources and models to make this real.

Let’s Get It – Together.