Dancing with Karma

I have been doing a lot of guidance work around a structure that the SpiritBones has taught me about karma, at least my understanding of it. It has brought the idea closer and made it simpler. In an attempt to definie it clearly and simply: Karma is energy. It is neither good nor bad. How we engage the energy determines how that energy engages and surrounds us. It’s not the shit we did when we were X years old, or the mosquito we swatted last week. It is the way we choose to carry the energy or let it go, NOW.

This understanding has been really freeing in so many ways. We can shift our experience instantly if we alter the way we hold what we experience and the story we imbue it with. It is incredibly empowering to realize that we have that power. It’s not like some mistake we made years ago has to haunt us ~ unless of course we give it that power.

The Bones call us to face forward. The past is just that. Nota thing we can do bout it. But we can sculpt our future if we engage the present passionately, and know clearly who we are and what we have come to give to the world. Then everything starts lining up in an exquisite dance.  The reality of karma is that we sculpt our life no matter what.

The dance sometimes is more of a stumble. As we image our circumstances we shape them. When we operate from a place of scarcity, with the assumption that there is not enough of what we need to go around, we at times try to exert control over our conditions that sometimes distorts the karma surrounding them. We have all been there in some circumstance in our life, trying to bend the truth to force our selves into some situation that doesn’t quite fit. A little voice inside tells us that we should not invest in this little lie. If we ignore that little voice, we paradoxically become attached to it. We have to keep engaging that sticky energy because we don’t know how to shake it, we have to maintain the myth. It is like walking with lead weights around our soul. We can do it, but it slows us down and holds our attention ~ even subconsciously. So we begin to self-sabotage to try to compensate for that energy. But that just distances us more from our true dream and entwines us deeper with the karmic stickiness. It runs us down, we feel depressed, and often we don’t know why. So we try to address the depression externally, we drink, we prozac, we shop, to make our selves feel better. But each additional strategy further distances us from our soul’s desire. The cycle is set.

So how do we move beyond that trap? We run the Bones. Level 0: We get in touch with our vision/our dream. Level 1: We begin to tell ourselves the truth of how our choices are impacting our dream. Level 2: We share our truth with others and accept the new karma that rolls out from that. It may mean leaving or even loosing that job. At first glance this might seem like “bad karma”. But it is actually the movement, the hand of the universe aligning us with our true purpose. This is Level 3, the gift that is born out of all truthful relationship. Level 4: We start to build structures, based in truth and transparency, that can support us moving towards our dream. Level 5: We begin to manifest those dreams in the world, and our karma is lightened by the act of being true to our purpose. We also build momentum actualization our true path. Level 6: A community of mutual support begins to form around our vision. The community receives the gifts we came to bring, and we are supported by the community to bring those gifts. We become free of the doubt that initially set the negative spiral in place, and it inverts to a positive, supportive spiral. And Level 7, the new 0, allows us to reflect on our capacity to shape karma, and the energy supporting us lifts our vision to a new place.

The challenge is that it is difficult to even see we are in this spiral. This is where loving guidance is helpful ~ working with someone who can see the patterns of our lives through the telling of our story and opening to the truth or our little choices. This is the gift of the Bones. There are many individuals from many practices that can help with this reflective awareness. If you are interested in the SpiritBones structure to support you through this work, Let Us Know!

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