Raising Your Dollars’ Values

Many of us have just dumped a load of cash (and credit) on gifts for those we value. But we don’t often think of the dollars we spend in terms of the values they represent. If you want one clear snapshot of your values, follow your dollars. This is as true for individuals as businesses and governments.

Money is simply energy. It is just as critical to be conscious of what energy your dollars are moving in the world as it is your attitude, your work, your relationships. The bones ask us to Zero In on the our core values. Who are we? What drives our decision-making? What fingerprint do we want to leave upon the world – Each Day? Take a minute to answer these three questions, as honestly as you can. Then take a look at your bank statement, and ask how it reflects these values. If you hold your self to be a giving person, how much of your budget is given? If your love of music is central to your life, how much do you support those who create the music you listen to? If you want to tread lightly on the planet, does your financial investment in the planet’s health reflect this? If you believe in justice and fairness, are you willing to spend more dollars on a gift to ensure that you know the workers were not abused in its production?

If you are like most of us in the western world, you haven’t given this much thought. You can now either start to feel guilty for what you haven’t done (not a very useful application of energy) or you can get started aligning your use of dollars with your values. If you are not sure where and how the product you are about to purchase (or not) was produced ~ ASK. Asking is a powerful way to raise the impact of your spending. If enough of us ask, the buyers will take note. Where we choose not to spend is as much, or more of a reflection of our values as where we do.

To what ever degree you engage this practice of values spending, you will create change. You will also notice over time as you do this more and more, you feel more of a participant in your life, and your days will grow increasingly rich. As you raise the values of your dollars, you will raise the value of each day.

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