Pick a Bone



I spend much of my days supporting individuals in moving forward using “The Bones, [the nick name for Cohado’s pieces] as a tool for analysis and reflection. This page will serve as a reflective space for anyone who wants to engage a question. I will respond to all serious inquiries directly. On Monday of each week I will choose one or more of the Q&As that would be most useful to readers.

To “play”, fill in the form below. Once you fill in the information about your question, you will need to “Pick a Bone”. The Cohado pieces live in the box pictured to the left. There are 4 columns and 7 rows. The pieces move about with each pick so they are always different. I place the piece you have chosen face down and then flip it over to reveal the position of the symbols. You will choose if the piece should be flipped vertically or horizontally. The symbol that shows up on the bottom is the root, and the top the branch. The root is what needs to be invested in, and the branch is the result of that investment. The chosen bone will be used to frame the answer to the question.

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