Community Wealth Generation Initiative

The CWGI is an economic development incubator that provides training, employment, business development, and cooperative business ownership opportunities for individuals from economically disenfranchised communities. Through innovative partnerships, we foster sustainable communities through incubating locally-owned and operated enterprises and providing economic development support. We focus our efforts in neighborhoods with concentrated poverty to create leveraged impact for individuals, families, and communities.

Mental Models:

We replicate what we see. Therefore, we need to change the experience of every child currently living in poverty. The Ingoma Foundation partners with forward-thinking visionaries to create new realities for our communities. These ideas are tested on the ground, and powerfully documented. The goal is to change not only the communities in which we work, but to change the way we all think about community.

Economic Models:

Poverty is an economic problem. The clearest indicator of the health of a community is its access to viable, local means of wealth development. The Ingoma Foundation is committed to supporting the movement of oppressed communities from reactive survival, to leadership and ownership. We create dynamic partnerships between enlightened business leaders, entrepreneurs, economists, socially-responsible investors and community stakeholders to seed micro- and larger-scaled enterprises.

Cooperative Community Models:

Our projects are values-driven. We are committed to sustaining people, prosperity and the planet. We apply indigenous strategies of sustainability combined with the most progressive technologies and socioeconomic models to build sustainable and healthy communities.

Nurture Form Bench

How can you and a bench change the world?

Photograph By Chris Hartlove

The rEvolutionary Nurture Form® Community Bench

This revolutionary product combines elegance of ergonomic design with social and community transformation.


Ergodynamic Design®
The unique design of the bench relaxes and forms to your body so it is gentle on people.

Sustainable Design
The materials and processes used to create this bench are gentle on the planet.

Sustainable Community
There are three ways this bench supports community transformation.

  • Dynamic ergonomics actually encourages interaction.
  • Strategic use of public seating has been proven to improve neighborhood safety and connectivity.
  • Using this product creates jobs, local enterprise ownership, and sustainable communities.

Sponsor a Nurture Form Bench:

Each Nurture Form Community Bench costs $1200 to produce. Support this effort by contributing any amount. We will update the number of sponsorships below. If you sponsor a full bench ($1500), we will place Community Bench in that area.

The Ingoma Foundation Community Wealth Generation Initiative is a project of Fusion Partnerships, Inc. Your sponsorship will support both the production and installation of the bench. All proceeds will fund the Community Wealth Generation Initiative. The bench will provide jobs, business development and a visible blessing of hope and transformation to Old Town.

Sponsor a Nurture Form Community Bench:  Your contribution of $1200 will sponsor 1 Community Bench. To sponsor a Nurture Form Community Bench, Send your tax deductible contribution to:

Fusion Partnerships, Inc. [a (501(c)(3) organization]
1601 Guilford Ave, 2 South
Baltimore, MD 21202

Please indicate that your contribution is to support the Community Wealth Generation Initiative (CWGI). You may send any amount you wish and we will apply it to other partial sponsorships.

Thank you for your support!


300 Bench Sponsorships will support the CWGI for one year!

This bench is a core product of the Community Wealth Generation Initiative (CWGI) that trains individuals from economically disenfranchised communities to produce these high quality products. This initiative is the first in a series of innovative partnerships to create sustainable communities through incubating locally-owned and operated enterprises and economic development. This bench is a product of a manufacturing apprenticeship in partnership with Gutierrez Studios, recognized for their spectacular design and community commitment.

To learn more about the Nurture Form Bench or the CWGI Social Enterprise Contact us at or 410.336.4279The CWGI is an initiative of the Ingoma Foundation, a project of Fusion Partnerships, Inc.

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